Tips for the ‘solitary traveller’

Henry David Thoreau, solo traveller, tips, travel, travel story
Henry David Thoreau, solo traveller, tips, travel, travel story

The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready – Henry David Thoreau.

There has been a growing trend in travelling solo, where people prefer to experience the world on their own pace.

Our daily life is surrounded by people who are dependent on us be it at work or at home. Sometimes we lose our true self, so, many embark on a journey alone of finding ones inner being while experiencing new sights and adventures, with the sense of absolute freedom.

If you plan on doing the same, here are a few tips:

Ride a bus to the end of the line


Since you’re the master of your own time, riding the bus in leisure even up to six stops can be useful. At the very least, you’ll see something of the city, get a front-seat view (literally) of what the Romans do in Rome, end up in surprising destinations and capture the essence of the city.

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Be open to new experiences and meeting new people


Travelling solo for a certain amount of time can prove to be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do because of the great people you’ll meet. If you see another backpacker, why not ask: ‘Hey buddy, where are you going’?

If you think that asking somebody to put sunscreen on your back at the beach is a stupid idea and sounds like you’re hitting on them, forget your prejudices and just go for it. Reach out and let your interactions be dynamic. This could lead to teaming up with other travellers and exploring new things.

Carry a dictionary


If you’re heading to a foreign country, don’t leave home without a bilingual dictionary. It’s crucial. You wouldn’t want to be lost all by yourself in a strange place. Even to make some good local friends with firsthand recommendations and warn you about tourist traps or to see their traditions and customs up close. Chatting up a local is the key.

Loose the invisible ‘helpless newbie’ sign

Nothing says ‘clueless’ like standing on a street corner with a huge map and terrified expression. The key to traveling solo is looking confident, even if you don’t always feel it. The US Peace Corps has this advice for travelers: “Walk confidently … and wear sunglasses if you need to walk with your head held high.

More specifically: when traveling alone, always go into a shop or doorway to consult a map. Work out where you need to be and then stride off confidently.

Keep an emergency stash of money

Travel can be unpredictable and there are many horror stories of theft and loss on the road. So keeping a secret stash of money will be a huge help when in time of need. Especially, when you’re traveling alone and have no one to ask for even the littlest of needs.

So, Happy Travelling!


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