Bugatti’s new cycle is still expensive than your luxury SUV

Bugatti, PG cycles

The Buggati introduced Chiron this year, which is arguably the fastest production car ever in the market. It’s also the most expensive one without doubt and costs staggering 20 Crores. While it’s almost impossible for the most of the people to get a hold of Bugatti car, Bugatti has come up with cycle designed and created by PG cycles, a German bicycle company, the cycle costs around 25 to 35 lakh rupees still more expensive than a full-scale SUV.

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Just a peddle powered machine is in the same blue dual tone color as Chiron and it is carved out of pure carbon-fibre which makes it weigh just 5 kilograms. With 95 percent of the cycle is made of carbon-fibre, it makes the cycle aerodynamic and strong despite being so light.

As every other Bugatti, the cycle will be limited to just 664 units to be produced.


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