Flies are more dangerous than you know

Summers bring warm weather and sharp sun. But it also marks the arrival of flies.
Although we might think that flies are a minor annoyance but there is so much more than meets the eye. These tiny little creatures are loaded with germs that is difficult for a common person to comprehend or even imagine.

Flies don’t just look disgusting but also have a tendency to sit on things like corpses, rubbish and stagnant water. They carry 200 forms of bacteria owing to tons of places they land up from like fecal matter pest control etc. All these germs are attached on their arms and legs that immediately transfer on to your food.

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Imagine you are just about to enjoy your most delicious meal and a fly lands on your food and you may think.. what the hell ..its just a fly let me ignore it.

Please be cautious. Its more dangerous than you can even imagine.

These tiny insects are the biggest carriers of diseases like cholera,typhoid etc.Since flies typically spend time in rotting animal waste and garbage there can be range of pathogens and parasites among these wastes.

Sometimes when a fly lands on your food there is a good chance that it just came from landing on the poop. Imagine their hair carry traces of bacteria from those sources that can straight transfer on to your food…. not good at all.

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If this is is not good enough to gross you out please note that flies do not have teeth so instead of taking bite of your food they have to spit out enzyme rich saliva that dissolves into your food. This whole process is pretty repulsive.

So friends next time you see a fly on your food think deep and be smart.. Decide whether you want to eat that food or no???? Choice is yours !!!


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