Put on your seatbelt: Flying car costing more than one million will be up for sale soon

AeroMobil, Flying Car, Slovakia
If you jumped with excitement seeing Harry and Ron boarding Flying Ford Anglia, here is your chance to ride one even without being a wizard. A Slovakian company has come up with its own version of the flying car which will, of course, fly.

AeroMobil on Thursday unveiled the commercial design of the car whose price tag goes up to more than $1 million at Top Marques Monaco.

According to reports, the company’s version of the flying car is modelled like a light-framed plane having a fold-back feature in its wings. Apart from that, it has an engine and a rear propeller. It takes less than three minutes for the wonder car to switch to flight mode and folds back its wings when driving on road.
The tear-drop shaped flying car will be ready for pre-order as soon as this year and is expected to be delivered to the buyers by 2020. But here’s the catch! It is not for everyone. Besides the whopping hole it is going to make in your bank balance, the driver of this car needs a pilot’s licence.

“To fly, the car would need an airfield or another approved place to take off, while owners would require driving and pilot licenses”, stated Stefan Vadocz, AeroMobil’s Chief Communications Officer.

Before they start, one very important thing that needs to be eased is flight safety issues as well as getting it normalised in front of the public. Vadocz, on this, added that the company’s flying car will assent to the road and air safety regulations.
AeroMobil, for now, is aiming to produce 500 units of their creation for 1.2 million to 1.5 million Euros.


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