Suggestions for actors for 1,000 Crore Mahabharata piles up in social media

The Mahabharata, Prabhas' Baahubali co-star Rana Daggubati, BaahubaliX Abhishek BachchanX Vidyut JammwalX John AbrahamX Tiger Shroff
The Mahabharata, Prabhas' Baahubali co-star Rana Daggubati, BaahubaliX Abhishek BachchanX Vidyut JammwalX John AbrahamX Tiger Shroff
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A smidgeon of the limelight has been stolen from Baahubali after it was announced that The Mahabharata will be made into a film on a budget of Rs 1,000 crore and starring Mohanlal in the lead as Bheem. Twitter is excited.

Twitter can’t shut up about it. And Twitter has several casting suggestions. “If The Mahabharata is ever made, Akshay Kumar Sir would be the perfect cast for either Krishna or Karan’s character,” said a fan of the Bollywood khiladi while Aamir Khan is also a favourite to play Krishna. Meanwhile, a fan of S S Rajamouli, the director of Baahubali, tweeted asking that he include Hrithik

Roshan in the line-up if he ever decides to make a film on the Hindu epic. “S S Rajamouli, don’t forget to cast this guy Hrithik Roshan,” the tweet said – we’re not sure if the fan thinks Rajamouli is directing the 1,000-crore Mahabharata (he’s not, ad guru V A Shrikumar Menon is). Baahubali star Prabhas is the general choice for Bheem, a role already filled by Mohanlal but Twitter appears to have forgotten that.

Twitter thinks that Prabhas’ Baahubali co-star Rana Daggubati would make a good Duryodhana while Hrithik has unanimously (sort of) been recommended for the role of Arjun. Actors like Abhishek Bachchan, Vidyut Jammwal, John Abraham and Tiger Shroff have also been cited on Twitter’s list of recommendations.

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Baahubali was also invoked in the light of The Mahabharata’s humongous budget. Twitter is actually buzzing with the thought that this could be the “next big thing” after Baahubali, the first part of which is one of Indian cinema’s top grossing films. There are great expectations of the second part, releasing next week.

Meanwhile, Kamaal R Khan has been massively trolled by Mohanlal fans for dismissing the actor as “chhota Bheem” in a tweet. KRK also had his own list of casting suggestions, including offering himself as Krishna. The mega-budget Mahabharata film is based on MT Vasudevan Nair’s celebrated novel Randaamoozham. Speaking on a radio programme, director Shrikumar Menon said that Mohanlal’s colleague Mammootty hasn’t been offered a role yet but might be, Mohanlal and Mammotty are the two megastars of Malayalam cinema.

The film adaptation of The Mahabharata will be made in two parts, just like Baahubali. The first part is expected to begin shooting by 2018 and release in 2020.


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