Five summer holiday destinations in Europe for students

Europe, summer holidays
Europe, summer holidays

Students go frenzy when it comes to the planning for summer holidays because this time of the year is the only time-out for them which is pretty long. it becomes difficult to chose destinations which are thrilling as well as pocket-friendly.

However, there are plenty of destinations throughout Europe that are not the only kind on the student pocket but also offer a lot more than you may think: cheap flights, a great exchange rate, and beautiful scenery.

So here’s a short list of the places you should be considering to take a trip to this summer.



Trips to the Turkish capital come in at just over £60 each way in mid-June. The city isn’t expensive either with very affordable hostels, lovely traditional food, and the average price of a beer coming in at just under £3. With lots of history, the city also offers many a landmark to visit – the Hagia Sophia is beautiful when lit up at night.



Berlin is a versatile city and has something for everyone. There are plenty of sights to see, the Berlin Wall (obviously), the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag Building just to name a few. The Metro is a great, easy way to get about just hop on and wonder around.



Located on Croatia’s beautiful coast, Hvar is the ideal place in the sun. That clear sea water most are dying to Instagram will be all yours and, although mostly rock beaches, the water and weather eliminate any wanting towards the sand. In Hvar, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to bars and restaurants. The nightlife is something notable, and  Carpe Diem isn’t just a bar, it’s a party island.



Slovenia’s capital offers a great mix of nature and city culture; inter-railers will have heard of Lake Bled and its charm, which is a convenient 45-minute journey away.



Seville is another alternative to the ever-popular Barcelona and Madrid and, although the flights can be a bit more expensive in comparison to the other two Spanish cities, it gives you somewhere else to explore.

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