This flight will offer Netflix by the end of February

Netflix will be offered to passengers travelling on Qantas flights which is a part of Australian airline’s high-speed WiFi service. It will be available on the flight by the end of February.

Passengers can also access Foxtel and Spotify as part of the new program. The internet access will be 10 times faster than the normal conventional flights. The first flight to get Netflix will be a domestic flight, and the passengers can use the apps on their own devices.


Qantas group executive of the brand, marketing and corporate affairs, Olivia Wirth, said the move is about expanding passengers’ options whilst on board. Olivia explained: “We know that email, online shopping and general web browsing will be popular uses when we switch on Wi-Fi, but what a lot of people relish about flying is being able to catch up on their favourite TV shows or watch movies they didn’t get to see at the cinema.

“Foxtel and Netflix both have huge catalogues that are expanding all the time, so there will be no shortage of entertainment on board. The usage data from the collection of albums we already have on our aircraft shows that music is a great way for passengers to relax as they watch the world fly by. Spotify will open this up so you can listen to virtually any song you like.”


Netflix and Spotify will offer 30-day free trial if the customer will sign up. The first plane will be Boeing 747 to offer this service. The flight will be between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. At 17hrs, the journey will become the longest for Qantas and the third longest passenger flight in the world.


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