Check out the wedding plan of this Bollywood actor

If you are interested in the gossips of B-Town then you must be aware of the latest ones, actor Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt are the new lovebirds in Bollywood.


They are often spotted together on their lovely dates, sometimes at the airport and they look unbelievably sexy together! On asking Sid about his plans for his wedding he told:

“I have no pressure from my parents to get married. At least, it hasn’t started yet. My parents are definitely liberal. But none of my cousins or close relatives was pressurised to marry at a certain age or to take up a certain profession or anything. My mother is still at that phase where she asks me, “Beta, are you still working?” They belong to the typical, middle-class section and are still concerned with kaam kaisa chal raha hai. A household thing or settling down will happen with time. Hopefully, before my 30s end. At least that’s the plan.”



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