Payal Rohatgi’s reply over the feud with Jet Airways

The controversy which took place on Saturday where Payal Rohatgi was travelling from Mumbai to Trivandrum from Jet Airways and the ground staff happened to misbehave with Payal and her partner wrestler Sangram Singh who reached the airport at 6:20 in the morning to catch the 6:50 AM flight. She added that they misbehaved with them because of their communal reasons as they both were Muslims.


In response to the feud between Jet Airways and Payal, she responded with a video and posted on Facebook:

Payal posted on Facebook with the video “There are times in everyone’s life that circumstances get the best of us and in a moment of passion, we say a thing or two that we did not intend to. My recent encounter with Jet Airways at MumbaiAirport and my subsequent grievance video is one of those times. So I would like to clear the air and put forth my side of the story and the reasons behind my passionate outburst. I do apologise for referring to the staff’s religion. Even though many people felt so, it was not my intention to sensationalise my trauma. All I would like to point out is, my mother, my family and I was literally bullied by Jet Airways staff at multiple points of interaction and it brought out the worse in me. I request you all not let my mistake of evoking the staff’s religion get into the way you understanding why I got to the point that I got to.”


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