All you need to know about Nursery admissions 2017-18

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After a long wait, Delhi schools started the nursery admission process, most of which is now online, on Tuesday. The admission process will continue till January 31 and as per the Directorate of Education, Delhi government, 25 percent of the seats will be reserved for children belonging to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category. Last year, Delhi government had abolished criteria based on parents’ education, occupation and lifestyle.


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A Beginners’ Guide To Delhi Nursery Admissions

1. Lottery for transparency will be conducted in schools recognised under the Delhi School Education Act.

2. Admissions will be conducted online and a centralised lottery to bring in transparency and accountability since this process eliminates any interference of private schools.

3. To avoid any duplication of admission Aadhaar ID is mandatory which will curb any attempt to have an unfair advantage.

4. The mandate of 25 percent reservation in entry class of private unaided non-minority schools for children belonging to EWS.

5. There are major criteria for points depending on the neighbourhood, alumni (parents as alumni) and siblings (siblings attending the same school). So, when you apply for a school, be sure about criteria for which the schools allow more points.

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6. Which school you are selecting is also important. So, look for the fee, infrastructure, distance to school, academic standard and curricula, and the popularity of the school as yardsticks to register in a school.

7. Register only those schools you wish to see your child study. First apply to all those schools possible. Then block the seat you get in the first place.

8.Do your own research before getting you involved in the whole process. Talk to parents who were successful in getting their child admitted in the past. Prepare a list of schools you want your child get registered.

9. Knowing the dates is very important. This year, the Delhi nursery admission procedure has already started on January 2 and the last date to submit applications is January 23. The first list of selected candidates, including those waitlisted, along with marks allotted under the point system, will be announced by schools on February 15. The second list, if any, will come out on February 29 and the admission process will close on March 31.

10. Directorate of Education has set aside dates for parents to approach schools with grievances. This will be allowed on February 16, 17, and 18.All you may here in the process, mostly, are criteria and rules.

Parents may visit or call to the given links and Numbers for further help.

Parents can also use the DoE helpline numbers 8800355192 or 8800355146 and citizens grievance portal for any help.

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