Five ways to become a perfect mother for your kid

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It is a mother who makes a child the person he/she grows up to be. Raising a kid is big and a tough job, in this journey of nurturing a child a father is as important as a mother but at the end of the day a child only asks “Dad, where’s mum?” Nevertheless, it’s hard for a mother to raise a child and often more hard for working mother, as they fight against time to complete the house chores, office work, work tensions and then coming home to look after the whole family.

To become your child’s favourite and a ‘perfect mother’, you need to follow this list of five simple things:

1. Working mothers could spend more time with their kids instead of leaving them with nannies


Imagine your child’s happiness when he finds you home on a weekend! Gift your valuable time to your little one.

2. Encourage your kids for activities in which they’re interested 


Let them do whatever they want to, be it cooking, painting or dancing. Children should enjoy with you and you should know what is your child good at ad what’s his talent.

3. Introducing them to interactive games and puzzles for all round development


Parents should interact with the children more and more. Parents should teach puzzle to their children as the cognitive, emotional and brain development is happening at that time.

4. Experiment with food to create delicious but healthier snacks for your kid


Creating delicious food helps baby to eat more, but to remember that the baby should eat healthy whatever he is having. Moms should experiment on food like the pizza parantha!

5. Take out time for family vacations

Family of four having fun on tropical beach

Family vacations are the best part! Travelling with family is fun, and to become a perfect mother take your child on a trip where he wants to go.


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