8 European city breaks for 2017

European city

Tired of the same old tourist-filled cities on everyone’s travel bucket list? Get ahead of the crowd with some of the best European city breaks of 2017

Bristol, England


Move along, London! Bristol is leaving its industrial past behind and reinventing itself as England’s new creative hub.



Graz, Austria


Put together architectural diversity and experimental art, and you get Graz – Austria’s second-largest city.  Graz is not only about grand European architecture.


Wroclaw, Poland

One of the many dwarf statues spread around the city

Located on the sprawling river Oder, Wroclaw is made up of 12 islands, 130 bridges, multiple waterways and riverside parks. For a brief moment, you’ll think this is Venice.



Aarhus, Denmark


Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city and self-proclaimed ‘happiest city in the country’, is making a name for itself when it comes to cultural offerings and innovative gastronomy.



Funchal, Portugal

Shop with the locals at Funchal's farmers' market, Mercado dos Lavradores

Funchal – meaning ‘plantation of fennel’ – is the capital of Portuguese island Madeira. The city became a settlement in the 15th century and, throughout time, transformed from a small pirate-plagued port city to a flourishing trade centre and important stop-over for caravels.




Turku, Finland


While Helsinki reigns as Finland’s capital and largest city, it hasn’t always been so. When Russia conquered Finland in the early 1800s, the capital was moved closer to the Russian borders.

Bologna, Italy


Why visit Pisa for the leaning tower, Venice for its canals and Florence for its arcaded galleries, when you can find all three – minus the blabbering crowds of tourists and steeped up prices.



Glasgow, Scotland

Shopping in Glasgow, Scotland

Both grounded and spirited, a solid working-class heritage meets cheerful modern hedonism among the serious Victorian buildings and restored 18th century warehouses of notoriously friendly Glasgow.

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