Beware gangs on the prowl on golf course extension road

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In a strange situation early Monday evening a resident of Golf Course road Gurgaon faced a gimmick of her lifetime.

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Shibani Chand Sethi is a resident of Gurgaon and she took to social media stating the horrific situation she faced while standing in front of a nursery outside Nirvana country.

She mentioned the whole incident in her Facebook post;

Dear Moms…HIGH ALERT and be careful pl…. I went to a nursery outside Nirvana country today (close to where I live) and while my Gardener was potting my plants while i was sitting in my car,a passerby warned me off coolant leakage from my car (guess he expected me to get off)… instead of getting off I re confirmed with another guy sitting outside the nursery and he confirmed too..i immediately drove to the petrol pump next to the nursery itself… not realising that I was being followed all along..whilst the car was being checked i sat in the car until i figured that i should be outside alongside the repair guy to figure the issue…its strange something like this would happen (but i attributed it to the car being unused for 10days and the car cleaners aggressive carwashing resulting in some damage maybe!)..while we were busy with figuring the issue…i had a strange feeling something was wrong and sure enough when i went to the front door i realised the passengerdoor was open and my bag was missing …i was hysterical cos it had all my documents,cards,Pan card, worst of all my child’s school id cards ,irrelevant amount of money and some personal belongings.. the worst was that all this happened at 2pm(aft) today while everyone was sitting and watching this incident without realising that i was being robbed! We ran to watch the cctv footage at the petrol station which captured the entire incident without missing on anything except the guys face cos it was covered and the bike which was standing at a distance. So these guys had thrown some oil in the front of the create panic apparently!!…the rest is histoty….The result is i continue to be hysterical as i write an FIR at the cop station and they have confirmed they cannot do much except try and look for the bag(should it be thrown somewhere) cos they cannot identify or have any evidence..needless to mention the cops arrested the maalis from the nursery…but they had no clue what was happening and hence released!!…PL BE CAREFUL ladies…never imagined this would happen to be cos i am extremely cautious at all times…but one can never tell!!

So Gurgaon Folks, please beware and stay watchful.

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