After the horrific mass molestation case, another molestation case reported in Bengaluru

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Woman gang-raped, metal object inserted in her private parts
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Another dreadful incident has come to the light, a woman in Burqa was harassed in the KG Halli area of Bengaluru. The incident took place on Friday morning when the girl was on her way to work on the morning shift when the accused first followed her, then grabbed her and pinned her to the ground harassing her. The incident was captured on the CCTV camera.

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When she screamed for help, the street dogs started barking and the accused escaped from the area. She fought hard with her molester, she has injured her tongue and has abrasions on her hands and the residents of the area took her to the nearby hospital.

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After looking at the details of the CCTV footage, the relatives are saying that the accused would be known. But, the search for the accused is still on.


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