Four arrested in Bengaluru molestation case

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City police of Bengaluru have arrested four persons in connection with the Kammanahalli molestation case reported earlier,  where a woman was assaulted by two men in the early hours of January 1.

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According to the report, one of the accused is a goods van driver, two are courier delivery men and another a B.Com student. Investigations have also revealed that the accused have been stalking the victim for the last one week.

Police reports have revealed that two of the accused were also working as part-time delivery boys for a restaurant, which the victim used to visit frequently and deliver food to the victim’s home, whenever she ordered online.

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They were also stalking her for the last one week. On January 1, they followed her while she was returning home after having dinner at the same hotel.

A team of women police is on the job. Her statement would need to be recorded, as it is crucial for further investigation.Based on a CCTV footage, the police tracked down the accused. Police is also trying to trace the victim through her mobile phone so that she can identify the accused.

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