Here’s the first glimpse of Audi Q8

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Audi to hike car prices by up to Rs 9 lakh

German auto giant Audi will showcase the concept of its flagship SUV Q8 at the Detroit Auto Show in January but ahead of that, the chief designer of Audi, Marc Lichte has unveiled some sketches of the concept.

The Audi Q8 Concept is said to be a compelling cross between SUV and Sport Coupe and will be placed to contest against the BMW X6 and the GLE Coupé from Mercedes. In fact, a fully coated blue concept design was present at the construction site of the new designing center but he couldn’t displayed more than a part of the front end showing off half of the front grille, sharp edgy bumper and two of Audi’s four rings.

GLE Coupé , BMW X6 , Audi, flagship SUV Q8, Audi Q8,

He, however, revealed the sketches of the concept which gives an impression of the design language of the Q8 concept. The concept will make its world appearance in January 2017 at the North American International Autoshow in Detroit.

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There are many hearsays about the automakers nowadays presenting all of their cars look so much similar that the models don’t save their own unique individuality.

GLE Coupé , BMW X6 , Audi, flagship SUV Q8, Audi Q8,

Audi is also one of them and Marc Lichte admits that. In a polite tone, he said: “From the point of view of some customers, we lacked the necessary differentiation, This will change in the future.”. He further assures that “Every new Audi model has its own character and expresses it in its formal language – both in the exterior and in the interior.”

GLE Coupé , BMW X6 , Audi, flagship SUV Q8, Audi Q8,

Well, as of now it doesn’t look like they’ve operated much on it because the A8 concept and the Q8 are quite similar to Audi’s other cars. However, more remarks when the concept gets revealed fully. Stay tuned!

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