Look who’s haircut has taken social media by storm

Anil Kapoor, IPOY2016
Anil Kapoor, IPOY2016

Anil Kapoor’s new trending haircut has created envy among all the young stars of Bollywood. At 59 Anil Kapoor is absolutely killing it. He carried this new hairstyle just before his visit to IPOY2016 awards in Mumbai on Tuesday. Twitter went crazy after he posted his picture wearing a tuxedo accompanying his new hairdo. It’s hard to believe that Anil Kapoor is 59 when we look at his pictures. Have a look at twitters reaction.

Looks Jhakkas! Indeed.

Here’s how Twitterati reacted:

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The Bollywood has appreciated his new haircut and it’s awesome enough to make young superstars run for their money.


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