India ranks fourth most vacation deprived country globally in an online survey

A travel survey examined 28 nations came to a conclusion that India  is the fourth most vacation deprived country after Spain (68%), UAE (68%), Malaysia (67%) and South Korea (64%).


An online study by Expedia 2016 between September 12 and September 29 in 2016 across 28 countries, study shows that 71% Indians cancel their plan or vacation because of work. 63% Indian took fewer vacation days, 40% do not use vacation days, 32% are not able to take vacations due to personal schedules.

Young man is sitting on a roof and looking at the city

“Vacations play a critical role in creating work-life balance as it re-energises people to be more focused at work (95% of Indians agree in the survey). According to Expedia’s Vacation Deprivation Survey 2016, 47% of Indians are ready to give up social media and television while 30% would give up the internet and 27% can give up contact with their besties for a week, all for one additional day of vacation,”  Marketing head of Expedia, Manmeet Ahluwalia told in an interview.


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