7 weird habits of your favourite superstar

We all have some little weird habits, no matter how large their world maybe from us but the celebrities also have some little weird kid inside them. Check out your favourite superstar‘s weird habits:

1. Saif Ali Khan has a library in his bathroom!


Saif Ali Khan is an avid reader, but can you believe he has a whole library in his bathroom?!

2. Salman Khan has a huge collection of soaps


Name the soap and he has them all!

3. Amitabh Bachchan wears 2 watches to keep track of different timezones


To keep a track of different time zones he wears two different watches, he does this especially when Abhishek and Aishwarya are traveling.

4. Sunny Leone has a habit of cleaning her feet every 15 minutes


She does it even between her shoots, she is at ease with this habit of hers!

5. Akshay Kumar prefers flying abroad before a film release


He thinks that staying in India before the release of his movie will affect the box office collections.

6. Sushmita Sen is fond of snakes and even has one as a pet


Over dogs and cats, she chose to keep a snake as a pet, really weird!

7. Bobby Deol touches wood after almost every sentence while talking


He even keeps the wood in his bag!



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