Places to visit in India to ring Christmas bells

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India is a country with mixed culture and religion, and Christians also treasure the essence our country when it comes to celebrating different festivals. Christmas, the biggest festival of them all for Christians and it is around the corner and everybody is waiting for Santa to come down their chimney after next few weeks.

New Year follows Christmas extending the holidays and filling excitement inside everybody no matter what. Few places around the country match the standard with Christian countries when it comes to celebrating Christmas and partying hard. Here are the places which really need a mention to be explored for the best experience to say this year goodbye.



Goa comes absolutely Numero Uno when you talk about Christmas and New Year. The majority of the catholic population and Portuguese culture makes sure to maintain the mood and authenticity of Christmas. Whole Goa is lit up with decorations and Christmas trees around the places and beautiful churches are always a treat for your eyes. After parties around beaches of Anjuna and Vagator needs no mentions for Goa lovers plus you can stay a bit longer to celebrate one of the best New Year parties in the country.

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The less known coastal region on the border of Karnataka and Goa can be a sweet spot for pilgrimage for elders in your family as well as beach fun for youths. The culture is mixed and a good number of Christians celebrate the festival in full swing is some parts of Gokarana. It is surely an escape from the menacing crowd of Goa for peace lovers.


Happy Christmas in Goa
Happy Christmas in Goa

Known as Puducherry now is another Union Territory famous for its Christian culture and French architecture. It’s a very clean and elegant place for the travelers to experience Christmas as well as beaches and caters one of the best seafood in the country with a French twist to it.

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Coming all the way up from the coastal south to the northern parts of the country, Shimla never disappoints when it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations. Once a British vacation town on hills still holds the British era architecture which adds flavor to the festive season.



Rishikesh is the odd one out in the list. It’s known for Ram Jhula and various big temples but not to be fooled by its image the place is completely changed in last few years. The onslaught of tourist from the west for camps and adventure sports has given the tag of “mini Goa” to the place. Jungle camps and bonfire party mixed with adventure sports can be an ultimate way to celebrate New Year for Junkies.



Another Treasure hidden in the woods and high mountains is recommended just for youngsters and travel enthusiast. In December the place will be a mixed weather with sudden snowfall and even brisk snowfall. Celebrating Christmas and New Year will be a chilling experience there.

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Rajasthan experiences the most tourist traffic in the country. The reason is the traditional essence of the place with big palaces and insight to Raja lifestyle. Udaipur is the place to enjoy soft cultural music and best vegetarian traditional food with an international touch.


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