Outsourcing in Politics: What is the limit?

Amit Shah, AIMIM , Trinmool Congress, Samajwadi Party, Bihar election, Indian politics, Prashant Kishore,
Amit Shah, AIMIM , Trinmool Congress, Samajwadi Party, Bihar election, Indian politics, Prashant Kishore,

Indian politics is so tumultuous, so full of upheavals that it never ceases to surprise you.

Political masters are striving relentlessly to pull a rabbit out of hat to somehow garner some votes. In this situation, whatever you feel is completely unexpected in Indian politics; please expect that to happen sooner and later.

Take this latest twist. Master poll strategist Prashant Kishore (PK), who is supposed to have a Midas touch after his success in 2014 General Election and last year’s Bihar election & currently on the payroll of Congress to revive the almost dead party in UP,approached Samajwadi Party (SP) leadership for a possible tie-up between Congress and SP in UP.

This is a real bizarre development as there is a strong buzz that PK did so on his own and without any categorical instruction from the Congress leadership.

At first glance, many people may find nothing unusual about it but with little deep insight, one would realize that this incident is somewhat new low and it has put a serious question mark on the very essence of politics and it is serious degradation of same.

It needs little more deliberation to further understand. Be it a professional organization or political outfit, there is a border line for outsourcing, which should not be breached to maintain the very sanctity of any institution or any idea.

To understand the point, consider this.

Automobile companies outsource manufacturing of various components of vehicle to niche manufacturers in the domain. But automobile company will define the design, material and specification of that component and they will do the proper Quality Check to ensure that manufacturer has made the component in line with expectations and requirement.

Now imagine this. An automobile company asks a vehicle steering manufacturer to manufacture steering for company’s upcoming car model and ask manufacturer to do so with whatever design and material, the manufacturer is comfortable with.

Needless to say, how absurd and senseless it would be. PK’s outreach to SP leaders is exactly similar to this illustration. Should a poll strategist encroach in to the core political ideology of a political outfit, as supposedly pre poll tie up is a function of synergy between political ideologies and agenda of two (or more) parties. Or the political parties have now made it official that its RIP ideology and politics is purely a number game now.

So consider this; tomorrow poll manager of Trinmool Congress may approach CPI(M) without Mamta’s consent or say poll manager of BJP may lure Owaisi ‘s AIMIM for a possible poll tie-up without instructions from Amit Shah.

Election is an arduous and toiling activity and it is sole reason behind the existence for politician. Outsourcing is must in election times as you have to outsource posters, leaflets. You can ask your poll strategist to design your layout of your banners, its colour scheme, fascia, hoardings and layout of stages used in rallies. At best he can devise your booth handling and campaign strategies. But should a poll strategist decide the party’s candidate? Or should he decide the pre poll tie-ups?

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It is like this that not only you have outsourced lighting and decoration work of your temple, you have also asked the vendor to pray on your behalf as well. You have hired a baby-sitter not only to take care of your kid but also to caress forehead of your child as you don’t have time or you don’t know how to do it.

So what to expect next? Poll strategist is addressing an election rally on your behalf (why not, PK can do a better job than RaGa); he is addressing press conference, releasing and announcing election manifestos. It may even go to the extent that someday elected politicians would hire PK like consultants to debate in parliament and legislative assemblies for them.

It reminds me an advertisement of Professional Golf Association (PGA) on Start Sports few years back with the punch line “On a PGA tour, anything is possible”.
Similarly in Indian politics “anything is possible”.



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