All you need to know about the new MacBook Pro!

Apple recently launched its new line up of the MacBook Pro, and it is nothing but a price bump on the long lasting line up of the machine.

After the passing away of Steve Jobs, Apple has really taken a bump when it comes to actually innovating something revolutionary. When the Mac was launched, the world was taken aback as there was finally a machine that would work properly and integrated software with hardware perfectly.

Now, the recent line up of the MacBook is nothing but a sham for there is no improvement apart from the thinner displays and the lighter weight and volume. Sure, the new machines look amazing, but there is literally no spec bump. The processor is the same, the keyboard is worse with lesser travel distance, and oh, surprise, there are literally no ports that can be used.

Apple has been really aggressive with removing I/O. Beginning with the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 and literally everything else in the new MacBook pro. Sure, Apple claims that this will be future, and we agree, however here is where Apple has failed. Apple, a brand that was once known to create an ecosystem has failed miserably on the same front. Now there is no chord that will connect your new phone to the new mac. You will need to buy a dongle. A dongle for literally everything else. 

Above all else, we would’ve forgiven such major flaws had the company made something that was affordable. However, that is not the case. The new models with the touch bar start at $1800 and the one without the touch bar and lower specs starts at $1500. Apple once had an imagine as the lead innovator that made machines that people used to create something new. Apple seems to have decided to change its image and has decided to restore it to the long standing Apple joke: The only use of an Apple product is to show other people that you can afford an Apple product.


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