IIT-B’s first satellite lifts off today

Mumbai’s first satellite Pratham, designed and developed by IIT-B students would lift off today at 9.12 am from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota.

There are 8 satellites which will be launched today by  advanced version of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (Pslv) called Pslv-XL. The main one is the weather related indigenous ScatSat-1.

The 10-kg Pratham team, consists of 30 members waiting to see there nine years of work in reality.

It is for the first time, the fourth stage of the rocket will re-ignite twice and be deployed in two different orbits and it will be the longest flight of Pslv. In the four-month span of Pratham it will take total electron count of the ionosphere.


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