The 7 games that takes me back to my childhood

The smell of that raw mangoes, frocks with frills, braided plaits, home made food, and smell of the ice creams and cakes made at home, make me nostalgic to bring all the memories of my formative years. One of the major things were the games I played with my fellas. My games, winning which was the only targets I had to complete before going back home. The tables always sported my name in the winning charts.

While the favourite outdoor games were:

#1 Pitthu/ Sitoliya/ Lagorie


The piles of tiles, we use to hit with the ball and the teams would run after the ball and the other to assemble the tiles. The speed to run, and the excitement of the pitch, was breathtaking.

#2 Posh am Pa


The lovely song, this use to make it all of us giggle. “Posh-am-pa bhai Poshampa”. I can’t recall the exact lyrics, but the tunes rested in y heart till date.

#3 Luka Chupi/ Chupan Chhai/ Hide n Seek


The game of where all of us will hide and then one person would search for us. We would hide in the lost trunks of our house, in the dark rooms. One would go to the places to hide in the interior of the house. The winning streak made fear vanish immediately.

#4 Aankh Micholi/ The Dark room

Ankh micholi

A cloth would be tied around the eyes, and he or she will search around the room to catch the others who will tease and run away.

#5 Nadi Pahad/ Land and water

We would choose to stay on either land or water and then we will try to move from our positions, only to be caught by the one who has to give dan.

#6 Lattu (Spinning Top)


One top and rope could define the speed of Earth for me. I would try to rotate th stop in my hand or on the land. And then I would compete with my friends, whose top goes for the longest time.

#7 Kite Flying


I still do it!! On 15th August in New Delhi, many will come out with their kites and then I would try to relive the time, When I was an expert kite runner in the streets of my town.

Numbers of my age are counting high, but I am still a Child at Heart!


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