Rohtak girl raped again by the same accused

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Nirbhaya’s rape happened and we were out on the streets claiming justice for the woman who died struggling for life. Then there is this student who was raped and only two of the five accused were arrested and were put out on bail. She has been living with it for the past three years of her life only to be gang raped again by the same people and we don’t fight for her justice.

Three years ago this girl was raped by three men in Bhiwani (Haryana) and after the FIR the police had arrested only two of the accused and they too were set on bail.

A student of Rohtak women’s college had gone to college on Wednesday morning and she did not return, says the victim’s family. She was later found the same night at Sukhpura Chowk in an unconscious state with her clothes torn and she was rushed to Rohtak civil hospital.

The victim and her family claim that she has been raped again by the same set of accused of not taking the complaint back.

On being asked the police said they are still examining the details of her previous case.

That being said, this is a shame on us as a society, on our legal system and on our own selves. A victim who was raped tries to get back to her normal life with due faith in the system to get her justice. The law lets out the accused on bail and it’s been three years since justice has been waiting to be done to the girl.

And then we as a society couldn’t even deter the rapists! They still have the courage to rape her again! And they are Scott free, moving around freely.

It’s not just these predators it’s the several others who the legal system puts out on bail and one after the other women are raped.

Are we going to get justice done to this girl or we are going to stay mum and wait till she becomes another Nirbhaya who dies struggling for her life?

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