The Pokemons in real world is cool and trending

Virtual Reality, Pokemon
Virtual Reality, Pokemon

The science fiction of Virtual Reality is not fiction anymore. Remember the time when we all wished if only Pokemon were real? When we all wanted to catch pokemons and duel with the masters and get all those badges in real life. Well, the wait is over. Yes, you heard it right!

Although augmented reality games have been seeping through the smartphone gaming platform, none have caught anybody’s attention like Pokemon Go which was launched recently. The Pokemon Company has made every Pokemaniac’s dream a reality by launching Pokemon Go which is part AR, part geocaching.

The game overlays Pokemon creatures in real-world locations, and a player must go out and hunt them down around their city. The game is in collaboration with Ingress creator Niantic Labs, a Google spinoff.

The game, which has currently been launched in New Zealand and Australia will soon be launched in North America on both Android and iOS platforms. It has already secured the top spot for free games on the app store. However, it comes with its own problems. Due to the heavy traffic, app users have complained about the servers which crash frequently. In addition to that, a Police Station in Australia took to Facebook requesting people not to enter when the game placed a pokemon inside their police station.


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