Salman Khan proves to be ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood again

Gunjega saare bharat me ek hi naam – ‘Sultan’!  What happens when Salman Khan has a pointless movie with his Swagg? Sometimes its a hit and most of them are blockbusters!!

Sultan, yet another Salman Khan  movie released for a hundred crore club.  Anushka Sharma as co actor did a spectacular job.  The Produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar for Yash Raj Films, the film about a wrestler’s rise to fame opens for wide release on Eid weekend in over 30 markets.

Actor Salman Khan has always proved to be the sultan of bollywood by his blockbusters. It seems the star is a man with midas touch. Amid all controversies the dabangg actor gets into the limelight.

Sultan is his best performance ever. Sultan the movie has everything right about it. Right elements of drama, emotions, romance, action and portions of comedy too. The movie talks about the tale of an aimless middle-aged village man, who in order to prove himself and his worth becomes one homegrown virtuous wrestler. He is rare, one of a kind, with ‘O’ negative blood group. With his tiding success, he becomes arrogant but gets smashed in life and goes into complete exile.

The first half saw Sultan’s introspection, his true love for Aarfa (Simply Excellent Anushka as wrestling state champion and daughter of Barkat wrestler), his transformation, practice sessions to become the one proud wrestler for himself and his love.

The second half saw Sultan’s beefed body as a defeated wrestler at the hands of life. His trial and transformation phase to regain his lost self. And zeal to strike the ring once again are the ultimate high points.

The message to never give up, however, hard times strike you. And lots more. The backdrop of Haryana, its soil, dialect, and locations have been well showcased in the movie.

Sultan has good music flawless acting and commendable direction giving it a way to to shut the mouth of the critics. No doubt it is a blockbuster, packed with exact mixture of emotions. it’s a treat to ardent fans of Salman and all cinegoers.


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