Chennai Dog Torture Case: Two torturers suspended by the medical college

Dog, Video, Crime, viral
Dog, Video, Crime, viral

Chennai:  The two medical students, who threw a stray dog from a rooftop of a several storied building in Chennai and shoot a video, have been suspended by their college.

Two days ago, a ghastly video of a man throwing a dog from a terrace went viral on Facebook and as well as whatsapp. This incident took place in Chennai.

An NGO called Humane Society International in India even offered a reward of 100,000 Rs to anyone is willing to volunteer valid information.

The city’s animal lover Shravan Krishnan started crowd-sourcing information to identify the men. Later he found those two culprits who did that. They are studying in a local Medical College. The dog has sustained fractures in two places: her right hind leg and her spine. Shravan Krishnan named her as “Bhadra”.

Last night he posted on facebook “Good news – The dog has been found alive. She is not able to walk properly. She is with us now. Will be under treatment. What breaks my heart is that she was still wagging her tail.”

Two boys were arrested and released near instantly on bail today, amplifying calls for tougher laws to punish cruelty to animals.

The men were charged with offences punishable with fines of Rs. 10 and Rs. 50 instead of jail time. “The Prevention of Cruelty Act is pretty outdated, it is a 1960 law and we want a change in that because they can just get away with a fine of Rs.50,” said animal rights activist Shravan Krishnan.


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