Gurgaon to Gurugram – Haryana Government has lost its way


Having failed miserably to resolve the problems plaguing Gurgaon, the Khattar Government is now resorting to gimmicks of changing the name from Gurgaon to Gurugram. For the so called “Millennium city” that has come to be known as a modern & throbbing metropolitan city having some of the biggest corporate houses, luxury condominiums and glitzy malls, this seems to be a retrograde step aimed at destroying the ‘brand equity’ built over the last 15 years or more.

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Unfortunately, Gurgaon has always been discriminated against by successive Haryana governments despite generating the maximum employment and revenue for both the central & state Governments. While Hooda government unabashedly favoured Rohtak over Gurgaon, the Khattar Government omitted Gurgaon as a smart city and favoured Karnal over Gurgaon. Can any sane thinking person compare Gurgaon with Karnal? Absolutely rubbish and unbelievable and nothing but a travesty of truth!! The fact that CM’s constituency is Karnal could help people to understand it better.

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Gurgaon continues to grapple with huge issues relating to infrastructural development & basic needs like roads, power, sewerage and water. Ever since it came to power, the present Government has been found totally wanting in its resolve to solve the city’s problems. For the last year and a half, it has been dragging its feet and unable to decide on metro connectivity between Dwarka and Gurgaon which sees phenomenal traffic on the expressway during peak hours and is the most basic link for connectivity to all of Delhi including T3 Airport. In fact if the Airport line is extended to Gurgaon, it will become profitable immediately.

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Noida to Airport link and Greater Noida – Noida metro connectivity has been progressing at a furious pace but this Government is completely somnolent even though almost half of its tenure is over. The roads in Gurgaon on working days are choked and chaotic with people driving absolutely unchecked in all directions and police, its presence in any case is nothing to write home about, not exhibiting any will to solve the traffic problems. The Bandhwari solid waste treatment plant is lying closed for more than two years and the concerned authorities just cannot decide about its restoration……maybe they don’t even know what to do? The Jat agitation exposed the Haryana police and bureaucracy as thoroughly inept, incompetent and ineffectual, unable to handle any law & order situation in a professional manner. The babu – builder lobby is so strong that postings in Gurgaon are only to garner as much money as possible. Civic issues are huge with multiplicity of authorities and no accountability at all. In fact, it seems that neither the Haryana Government nor Gurgaon administration have any clue about providing long term solutions to Gurgaon problems and are possibly waiting for divine intervention. But unfortunately, nobody has told them that hope cannot be a strategy!!

In the midst of all these problems, the Government has gone about by indulging in tokenism by changing the name to Gurugram rather than making any sincere and meaningful efforts to solve Gurgaon pressing problems. What a waste of time and money and a case of totally skewed priorities? The people are sure that this government will pay the price for missing a golden opportunity & people’s mandate to make Gurgaon a world class city.

( The author is a senior HR professional and a NewsMobile i-Journo the views expressed are personal)


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