Delhi Youth League enters its final stage

Delhi Youth League
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While it is getting hotter in Delhi, it is also getting closer to the end of the Delhi Youth League. The U-9 group still has some important games to play and nothing has been decided yet. BBFS Red and Impact still have to face each other and both the teams are on equal points.

On Sunday, the Dream Team secured their 5th place by a convincing win over BBFS Whites, while Angels defeated the Panther Cubs 9-1 showing that they are still eyeing to be in the top three.

Delhi Youth League

In the U-11 group, only a handful of games are left to play. On Sunday, FC Garwhal secured their 1st place. It was a close competition between the two teams as the score was 4-3. FC Garhwal defeated YFI United in the shield competition; while it also seems that IMPACT has no further competition for the first place. Now the contention is for the second and the third place.

In the  U-13 group YFI Albions finished their season with a convincing win over YFI Dynamos. In the cup, the final countdown has started and the competition will among Impact, BBFS, and Angles.

Delhi Youth League

In the  U-15 group, FCB Escola was too strong for the handicapped YFI Dynamos and won 6-2. YFI Albions and IYSA are the top two teams in the group. There is only a point’s difference between the two teams.

In the U-17 group, YFI Albions is leading the points table and is closely followed by BBFS. The teams will meet each other on April 24th, which also happens to be the last day of the league. The clash between the two will also decide that who will top the U-17 group.

Here are the current rankings of the teams in various groups –

Delhi Youth League



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