DYL: BBFS Reds and IOT Arsenal Soccer Schools shine in the group matches

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While the nation was deeply immersed in the India VS Pakistan clash over the weekend, elsewhere in Delhi, there was a tournament taking place whose intensity was no less than the Indo-Pak match.
In the Under 9 clash of the Delhi Youth League, BBFS Reds went 3 points clear at the top after 16 games with an easy 6-1 win over Dream Team. Playing the same number of matches Angels remained in the 3rd position with a 5-0 victory over BBFS Whites. Although Impact is second placed, it has chances to make it to the top of the points table as they have still two games in hand.
In the Under 11 league, BIFA claimed the top spot after they won over BBFS Red Spartans. Rohan and Arjun scored four each for BIFA, as they went on to win 9-3 against their opponents.
 IOT Arsenal Soccer Schools won their match in the Under 13 league against BIFA and are now second in the league.
Check out the rankings down below:


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