Another exciting weekend at Delhi Youth League

Delhi Youth League
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Even though it was raining on Saturday and the kids had their exams, their enthusiasm for the tournament never faltered. Around 20 teams had showed up for their matches. Although the field was slippery, the players didn’t mind getting dirty.

The under 8 league is nearing its end with just one more game to go. There was an exciting match between BBFS stars and BBFS champions. Both the teams were evenly matched and the result was a draw with each side scoring five goals each.

Delhi Youth League

Another high goal scoring match was played between YFI United and YFI Dynamos in the under 11 group. This was YFI United’s first victory as they defeated YFI Dynamos 5-2. The star of the game was Kishan Bradley who was also the man of the match while Nadia scored her first DYL goal ever.

Delhi Youth League

In the under 13 league, BBFS Saints played against My Angels in a very tight game, in which My Angles won the match 5-4. This BBFs defeat might keep them away from the Under 13 title this year.

In the under 15 league only one match was played, which was between YFI Dynamos and My Angels. YFI Dynamos defeated My Angels 3-1.

In the Under 17 league, it was the clash of the Titans, as YFI Albions and YFI Dynamos, who rank 1 and 3 in the table respectively, went head on against each other. Itamar Yacoby scored two second-half goals for Albions.

The first goal was a beautiful header from a corner kick, but it was the second goal which was an absolute beauty. Yacoby took the control of the ball at the half line and did a Messi pass by dodging five players to score the second goal, with Rio Kehe. YFI Albions remain at the top of the table in the Under 17 league.




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