The Railway Minister and his art of aesthetic nomenclature!

Rail Budget 2016

Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu presented the Railway Budget 2016-17 in the Lok Sabha today. This was his second budget speech as the Railway Minister but what was different this year was a string of some new articulate words. These words will now be officially a part of the Indian Railways.

Let us take a look at the new nomenclature introduced by none other than our Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu:

‘Humsafar’ Express: As the name suggests, this new train with fully air conditioned compartments will now be your companion during your travel. This train has an optional service for meals as well.

‘Uday’ Express: This is a very good news for all the frequent travelers who mostly travel for work. Uday Express is an overnight double decker train service which will run on busy routes specially meant for business travels and will have an increased passenger capacity by about 40 %.

‘Antyodaya’ Express: This is a super-fast train for those travelling on long routes.

‘Deen Dayalu’ coaches: As per their name these coaches will be ‘kind enough’ to provide a large number of charging points and ample drinking water supply. If you are an avid traveller and you like to travel alone on long routes, this is the best train for you!

Railway Minister

‘Tejas’: We are not talking about the magician here! Tejas means speedy and this train aims to give the train travel in India a new dimension with an operating speed of 130 kmph.

‘Sahayak’: Railway Minister has also taken into taken the skill enhancement of ‘coolies’ into consideration. They will be given soft skill training from the Indian Railways and will now be called as ‘Sahayaks’.

‘Janani’: As the name suggests, this is a service to make available baby food, hot milk and hot water in trains for lactating mothers. So, all the mothers who are travelling with their little babies, you do not have to worry about your baby’s food now.

‘Sarathi’: This is a special service to provide assistance to senior citizens and specially abled passengers on stations.

‘Navarambh’: As the name suggests, this service is allocated for a new beginning. Navarambh will provide structural interventions, improve plan practices and also help in consolidating the data.

‘Shreshtha’: This is a special establishment by the Railways for strategic technology and holistic advancement.

‘Navrachana’: If you are a start-up, this year’s budget has something special for you as well. Suresh Prabhu also mentioned in his speech today that a sum of around Rs 50 crores will be set aside for providing innovation grants to employees, start-ups and even small sector business models which are growth oriented.

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The Railway Minister’s budget had a mixed bag of small and big surprises for almost all sections of the society and by giving this new nomenclature to the new trains and schemes, keeping in mind the articulate usage of ‘Hindi’; will definitely help him in garnering more support from the ‘aam janta’ for his new policies. Didn’t we say Suresh Prabhu added his Midas touch to this year’s budget?


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