Tips to fight dry skin this winter

Winters and skin are not the best buddies. Cold weather, layers of clothing and hot showers can wreak havoc on your skin during winters! The weather outside may be dry and unsightly, but your skin doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to fight dry skin this winter

Go generous on moisturizer: Switch to a cream moisturizer rather than a lotion in the winter to maintain a barrier between your skin and drying elements. At a minimum, moisturizer should be applied twice a day and applied liberally if skin is feeling particularly dry and tight.

Wash your face once a day: In the humid, sticky summer weather, you can wash your face twice a day. But in the winter, switch to just washing at night so you don’t dry out your skin.

Keep hands soft and silky: As your hands are always exposed to the dry and cold weather, keeping them hydrated is important! Continually washing hands can have a drying effect on your skin so look for a moisturising hand soap for using at home.

Avoid wet gloves and socks: Wet socks and gloves can irritate your skin and cause itching, cracking, sores, or even a flare-up of eczema.

Drink plenty of water: Anything happening inside the body has a way of showing up on the outside. External factors can dry the top layer of your skin, but drinking ample amounts of water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and make sure your skin is as healthy as possible.


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