What Gurgaon wants from new CM

Gurgaon: If there is a city that exemplifies contradiction of fast-track and lopsided development, it is Gurgaon. Its skyline creates the ambience of Manhattan with real estate marvels but the poor infrastructure will make you feel you are in Dharavi – world’s largest slums cluster in the Maximum City.   

Today, Gurgaon houses practically every big name in the corporate world. Its buildings are designed by the best architects from across the world. The city has more than 20 outlets for luxury cars such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. Malls that stock practically every international brand dot the landscape.

But to say Gurgaon is staring at an impending civic infrastructure catastrophe would not be an understatement. Influx of migrants, lack of any futuristic vision and over-drawing of resources has descended Gurgaon into chaos.

Gurgaon has the highest number of professionals per square inch in the country. The city is attractive because of its proximity to New Delhi and the international airport. 

Then, on the other hand, there are migrant labourers, domestic help and industrial workers who constitute Gurgaon’s poor. With no access to public transport, they resort to sharing auto rickshaws or comply with taxi drivers who flout norms and stuff as many as 10 people into a single cab. Their children often fall into bore-wells laid by citizens. These wells were dug because the government is in no position to guarantee water supplies. 

Though it has been tagged the Millennium City, Gurgaon has time and again failed to meet any of the parameters that signify good living standards. But now with the change of guard in the state, the city hopes for its betterment and awaits the government’s plans which could re-energise and fill a new life in the city.

NewsMobile compiles a list of things that the citizens of Gurgaon want from the new government:

Controlling Traffic Jams: Driving in a congestion free traffic is a distant dream for the Gurgaoans. Every day there is the same rush and chaos on the roads. No one wants to get stuck in the traffic and get late for the work. It’s high time the government should take proper measures so as to ensure a smooth traffic flow.

Making public transport affordable: One travels from Delhi to Gurgaon in the metro for Rs 25, but it costs them Rs 70-80 to travel just few kilometres in Gurgaon in Auto Rickshaws. Unlike Delhi, auto rickshaws in Gurgaon don’t have metres and hence the driver overcharges the passengers. Installing a metre in autos and regulating its fares could effectively bring the costs down.

Pedestrian-friendly infrastructure: Pedestrians are the alternate roads for the motor bikers in Gurgaon. They just hop on to the pedestrians whenever there is a traffic jam so as to avoid it and reach the destination earlier. It creates ruckus and commotion for the people walking on the pedestrians.

Safety for migrants: Gurgaon like Delhi has had a history of rape and violence. There are reports of violence and rapes every now and then from within the city. The recent attack on the two men from Nagaland was unforgivable. The government needs to step in and take action on the defaulters and should also be very active in order to ensure that the cases like these can be avoided.

No more power cuts: No matter how much importance the today’s generation give to the candlelight dinner, they still get frustrated when the power goes off while working or sleeping in the hot summer nights. Government should ensure the proper power supply at a cheap rate for the Gurgaoans.

Efficient civil defence: The police should take a more active role in maintaining law and order especially when it comes to safety and traffic on the roads. Gurgaon does not have a well-equipped fire department with fire stations in only 3 locations, none of which are close to properties such as high rises, shopping malls and residential plots that are most likely to catch fire.

Maintaining the Millennium City tag: While Skyscrapers make us feel like we’re in New York or Tokyo, the pigs and dogs jumping on the garbage dump shows the dirty picture of the development. It’s important for government to look into these matters and help Gurgaon retain its Millennium city tag.


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