Six crore UIDAI cards issued in UP

New Delhi: Over six crore Aadhaar numbers have been generated in Uttar Pradesh by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), so far, out of a total population of 19.98 crore (as per Census 2011).

The state was among the four new states allocated to UIDAI for Aadhaar enrolments earlier this year.

Currently more than two and a half lakh residents are enrolled per day in Uttar Pradesh through 5,781 active enrolment stations deployed in 71 districts of the State. The pace of enrolments will further accelerate with engagement of Enrolment Agencies by the State Registrar.

The UIDAI has, till date, issued over 70.7 crore Aadhaar numbers. Nine states and Union Territories including Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh have crossed 90% Aadhaar coverage, while a further seven states and Union Territories have Aadhaar coverage of between 70 to 90%.

The six crore Aadhaar number holders of Uttar Pradesh can now avail many services with their Aadhaars such as opening a bank account, obtaining a SIM card, a PAN card, an LPG connection etc.

More services are likely to be available on Aadhaar in the coming days.

Aadhaar also facilitates ‘anytime, anywhere’ online authentication of a resident through universal verification of one’s identity based on the demographic and biometric information of an individual, thereby eliminating any chance of duplication or fraud.


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