Delhi to host global film fest on disability issues

New Delhi: An international festival showcasing films and documentaries made on disability issues will be held in the capital from November 24-26.

The 12th edition of We Care Film Festival, which has already travelled to 113 countries, is being organised by UNESCO in collaboration with Brotherhood, an Indian NGO working for people with special needs.

“Disability is still a hushed affair in India. We are trying to bring the issue to the forefront with the strong medium of cinema,” says Kiran Mehra Kerpelman, Director of United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan.

From amateurs to professionals, from people with disabilities to the able-bodied, from filmmakers to film students, the festival will be an open forum for all.

The annual festival will have element of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) so that people know about how technology is aiding people with special needs.

“Films made on how technology is aiding people with special needs in various walks of life as well as films made by the community itself are the special attractions this season,” shares Kerpelman.

Large number of people including around 1000 media students has already registered for the festival which will showcase 30 films in five categories like portrayal of disability in the mainstream cinema, empowerment through ICT and call for action and advocacy to help people requiring special needs.

Detailing the features of this one-of-a-kind festival, Rajiv Chandran, UN Information Head, says participation of people from the community is huge in the endeavour.

“We are often caught in an ugly dilemma between ‘acknowledging’ and ‘ignoring’ disability. Lack of awareness combined with a sense of indifference have marred the scope of bringing the issue to the forefront. This film festival is a celebration of ‘being different’,” he says.


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