Showers in Mumbai metro

Mumbai: Not even a month since Mumbai metro began its service, commuters reported rain water seeping into one of the coaches after heavy rains in the city.

The Metro in Mumbai was inaugurated on June 8 this year and with this incident it puts a question mark on Mumbai Metro’s services and its impending fare hike.

Of the sixteen trains in service, an AC unit of one of the trains reportedly malfunctioned during heavy showers. It was replaced with a train that was kept on standby to ensure that services were not affected. “The train will start plying from tomorrow,” said an official of the Mumbai Metro One Private Limited.

The 11.4-km metro line linking the suburb of Versova in the west to Ghatkopar in the east has seen a record number of passengers since it became operational. The train service has reduced the travel time from Ghatkopar to Versova to 20 minutes. But commuters of Mumbai Metro will have to pay more – between Rs. 10 and Rs. 40 depending on the distance – from July 9.


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