Now Love in Tokyo easy for Indians

New Delhi: Japan has announced issuance of multiple entry visas for short term stay of Indians from July 3 onwards, the embassy of Japan said on Thursday.

The decision was taken following an announcement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he visited India this January that Japan would introduce multiple entry visas.

“This is based on the recognition that the enhancement of people to people exchanges is important in order to further broaden relations between Japan and India,” added the statement.

The number of Indian visitors to Japan of last year was approximately 75,000, marking the highest ever figure of Indian tourist arrivals to Japan.  However, the number of Indian tourists to foreign countries had already touched 15 million in 2012, and it is expected that this number will further increase rapidly. 

The press release added that the “Government of Japan recognises India as a very high potential market, which can help Japan achieve its ambitious goal of attracting 20 million foreign tourists by 2020”.

Last year, 10.36 million foreign tourists visited Japan. This number was a huge leap over the previous year’s figure of 8.36 million foreign tourists to Japan.  Thus, the target of attracting 10 million visitors to Japan a year, set by the government of Japan, was achieved for the first time.

Taking the opportunity of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Government of Japan is now working towards its higher goal of attracting 20 million foreign tourists to Japan with a view to promoting the tourism-based country policy, by taking advantage of the momentum generated by the 2020 Games.


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