FIR ordered against Ajai Rai

Varanasi: The Election Commission has directed the Returning Officer to file an FIR under Sections 126 and 130 of the RP Act 1951 against Ajay Rai for displaying his party symbol and conversation with media in the nature of canvassing at polling booth in Varanasi.

EC observer Praveen Kumar said, “Flashing of the party symbol is violation of election rules. A report is being sent on the matter to the EC in Delhi.”

Congress candidate Ajay Rai, one of the first to arrive, wore a kurta with the Congress symbol of the hand on it.

BJP and AAP immediately lodged a complaint with the Election Commission. On being questioned, he said, the symbol was in his heart and unlike Modi who was displaying the lotus symbol, he was merely wearing it.  The row has hotted up with the BJP leaders and AAP demanding action against Rai. 

All the booths are equipped with surveillance through CCTV cameras. But the big question is that will this controversy influence the voters of Varanasi in any way.


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