Zanzibar the Stone Town caught in history

No other place I have visited, has left such a lasting impression on me. I travelled to Zanzibar a few years ago, and cannot cease my love for this beautiful island. You see pictures of white sand and clear blue seas, but it’s the old historical charm of Zanzibar that is unforgettable.

Zanzibar’s capital is the historically preserved Stone Town, a UNESCO world heritage site. Walking through this maze of an ancient town is intoxicating. You will find yourself going in circles, coming across charming little cafés and ancient Gothic churches. Every turn will surprise and take you back in time to some Moroccan dream. If you’re a fan of Queen, or in particular Freddie Mercury, it would be a crime not to visit his family home, where he was born. Mercury house is relatively unknown to the tourists, but ask any helpful local and they will guide you to it.

I woke at dawn to walk the tiny meandering streets of Stone Town and found myself taken aback by the beauty of the place and the people. Simple life and simple people, smiling and helping you find your way through his town caught somewhere in history.

On the sea walk of Stone Town, lies the Forodani Gardens, where every evening hundreds of stalls are set up serving up delicious and cheap sea food of all kind. Lobsters, squid, octopus and even the non-exotic sea foods are freshly barbequed before your eyes, for not more than a couple of dollars. This place is very reminiscent of the street food of Marakesh, Morocco. Every evening, I knew where my fresh, delicious and cheap dinner was coming from.

Besides the captivating stone town, Zanzibar can’t be forgotten for its absolutely pristine beaches. It’s like nature photo shopped this entire island and everything is a travellers dream. You can take ferries and visit the other islands which are famous for agriculture, especially for spices like cloves, vanilla, nutmeg and black pepper. You can also indulge in some adventure water sports. For instance, Jet-skiing on a crystal clear ocean with brightly coloured marine life and corals underneath, doesn’t compare to murky brown waters.

Zanzibar has no dearth of beaches or beach related activities, in fact if you just want to relax, go on foot to discover a quiet beach and make it your own private temporary paradise. Also, don’t forget to marvel at the beautifully crafted doors in Zanzibar, they are works of art by themselves.


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