Dogs for slaughter

Jiangsu: The consumption of dog and cat meat has been practised in China since 500 B.C. But with urbanisation and globalisation this practice is becoming less and less socially acceptable. With many people becoming pet owners, as well as supporters of animal rights, this practice in China is now being fought by a group of people. The main contestation is the cruel and horrid treatment of animals before slaughter, instances of dogs being skinned alive have surfaced.

An NGO, started in 2002 by Ms. Ha called Ping An A Fu is an animal rescue organisation in Central China’s Jiangsu Province. She has rescued and given shelter and love to thousands of dogs. In December 2011, pictures surfaced on Facebook of protestors circling a truck full of dogs being taken for slaughter. They paid them $8000 for all the dogs and were taken to their new and happy home. The picture of the dogs is their new safe haven speaks a thousand words itself.


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