Diplomatic Cables that nixed US Envoy Powell

It was a series of diplomatic cables sent on behalf of the US ambassador Nancy Powell that led to her being forced to resign by the Us state department, which didn’t want to be saddled with the Nancy legacy for doing business with a new government in New Delhi.
Top diplomatic sources said that Powell authorised cables during the Devyani Khobragade described the Indian position as weak and that it will not escalate the matter as the country was in an election mode, the reverse happened because of elections round the corner there was an unprecedented Indian anger and response which dipped the relationship to an all time low.
Earlier too Powell was blamed for not advising the Washington to do business with Narendra Modi and the US only courted MODI recently after the intervention of the Us state department.
the envoy was also blamed for being on frequent trekking tours and even The ministry of external affairs in New Delhi had informed the interlocutors in Washington that her conduct was not helpful to the relationship.
Earlier in the day, US Ambassador to India nancy  Powell has resigned from her post, days after speculation that she may be shipped out.
“US Ambassador to India Nancy J Powell announced in a US MIssion Town Hall meeting March 31 that she has submitted her resignation to President Obama and, as planned for some time, will retire to her home in Delaware before the end of May,” an announcement in the US Embassy website said tonight. 


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