A day before Valentine Powell woos Modi

New Delhi: US Ambassador Nancy Powell will meet Narendra Modi this week, signalling Washington’s rethink after the 2002 Gujarat riots.

The meeting, scheduled for the latter part of this week in Ahmedabad, would bring the US foreign policy in line with European nations, which have already ended a boycott of Mr Modi. The image of Modi as a business-savvy leader who can champion India’s economy and tackle corruption has encouraged Washington to thaw up.

However, on grant of visa to Modi, the official said, “There has been no change in our longstanding visa policy.  When individuals apply for a US visa, their applications are reviewed in accordance with US law and policy. We do not speculate about outcomes of that process.”

The European Union ended their boycott on Modi early last year, after a 10-year standoff, when he was re-instated as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. There was also a growing feeling then that Modi would be a key contender in 2014 elections, which has proven right.  


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