Kejriwal threatens to quit again

New Delhi: Already in a fix over the inability to keep his promises on power and water supply to Delhiites, the Kejriwal government is now faced with the crucial problem of numbers, as one more independent MLA, Rambir Shokeen, withdrawing his support, depriving the government of the critical number in a 70-member assembly. Now AAP has just 35 MLAs with them.

The President’s message on Monday to political parties that they must work within the Constitution is clearly aimed at Kerjiwal’s style of governance. Passing the Jan Lokpal Bill is yet another thorny issue, over which Kejriwal has threatened to quit – threat a second time!

To add further misery, BJP MLAs under Harshvardhan is meeting the President to submit a memorandum against the Kejriwal government. Kejriwal seems to be enjoying every controversy, hoping all of it will turn into votes in the next Lok Sabha.

In short, Kejriwal government days are numbered.    






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