Anna Hazare wants Mamata as PM

New Delhi: Anna Hazare is all praise for West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee who actually practices simplicity in public life. He was talking to media persons in the capital on Saturday.

“I have faith in her (to lead the nation) because she is a Chief Minister but still wears slippers. She did not take a government bungalow. She lives in her father’s small house. Her sari is simple, made of khadi. She walks for 8-10 km everyday visiting villages. Such people can improve the nation,” the 76-year-old activist said.

“And there are people who said we won’t take bungalow or vehicle, then took them,” he said in an apparent jibe at his former associate Mr Kejriwal.

Ms Banerjee has the potential to change the nation if she is made the Prime Minister. “I sent 17 points to every political party. The points if implemented will change the nation for good. Nobody responded. Only West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sent a reply. We need such people,” he said.



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